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Why I chose the Classwork for this eportfolio.

I chose the Industry Interview with Fraser Health Care Foundation because it is a cause that I believe in. I have chosen to be in the Health Care Industry for 30 years, it is who I am. I'm an empathetic person who wants to help people in all walks of life. To better serve ourselves and others in a vast industry that is growing. There are more people over 65 in North America than there are kids under the age of 15. That is an amazing statistic. As an Event Planner /Coordinator I could see my skills that I am learning could be used as an asset to this Foundation.

The other alternative paper I chose was the our Go to School on a winner. The winning company that we chose for our Trade Show was the British Columbia Liquor Distrbution Centre. This company was voted a winning company for 2017. The BCLDC is a government based business and all money made from liquor sales goes back into the Province and into the economy. The turnover rate is very low, with employees staying on long term. The longest person employed by the BCLDC was 45 years! that is unheard in today's society. The Medical and Dental Benefits were also good, they also had a number of programs that are run within the stores that help out the public but arent really advertised.

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